TH2 Play Brunetti!

Brunetti and Overloud join their forces on Guitar Amp Simulation Software

Overloud TH2 LOGOBrunetti Tube Amplification, the Italian-based manufacturer of world-class tube guitar amplifiers and pedals, is excited to be partnering with Overloud, the Italian software company, experts in the field of accurate Guitar Amp simulation.

This collaboration falls in line with the future direction of Overoud in adding new authorized models on its guitar amplifier simulation software, TH2, and of Brunetti in giving an additional value to their customer by distributing TH2 Play Brunetti, a custom version of TH2.
TH2 Play Brunetti is free to all Brunetti customers who purchase a new Brunetti product. The serial numbers to activate TH2 Play Brunetti are delivered into the product packaging, together with the operation manual.

Thanks to the top-notch Overloud simulation technology and the strict collaboration with Marco Brunetti, the head designer of Brunetti amplifiers, the best pedals, cabinets and amplifier has been modeled with the highest accuracy and sound quality on the market.