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Star-T-Rack. You can interpret this name as your imagination does best. In this unit you will find what you are searching for and that you have never found in a tube amplifier. Star-T-Rack is a stereo head. It is stereo but it also has two levels of power. It has two level of power but one is in AB class and the other one in A class. Is has two channels but they can became four. It has MIDI switching but also analog footswitch. We let you find out the other features, and we assure you there are many. Following in the tradition of all Brunetti products, construction is of the highest quality. Using custom-built components we obtained alternative tones missing in the amplifiers market, but remaining loyal to the Brunetti DNA. Star-T-Rack has a brand new circuit design. We have chosen to use the 6L6GC tubes to assure the true “clean” that many guitar players ask for. One of the opportunity that Star-T-Rack offers is that you can turn it from a typical head to a rack stereo system with the possibility to insert a multieffect in its cabinet. The MIDI switching and the stereo loop are some of the many other details of this amplifier. Following the best Italian tradition Star-T-Rack is carefully hand assembled using high quality and selected components. All the units are tested one by one. We could write more about Star-T-rack but we think that words can’t express the true value of this amplifier. We suggest you to try it. We are sure we switched on the stand-by of your curiosity.


  • All tubes signal path
  • Tubes: 5 x 12AX7A + 4 x 6L6GC
  • Power Amp: 20+20 “A” class or 50+50W “AB” class @ 8/16 ohm (switchable) stereo amp with ACIA PowerDimensionSystem.
  • AUXILIARY CONTROLS DEPTH controls for L & R power channels
  • Loop: serial/parallel with separated variable controls
  • Switching: Manual/footswitch/MIDI
  • Power: 117 / 240V +/- 5% 380/400VA
  • Weight: 18Kg
  • Size: 585 x 310 x 240 mm
  • Included: Fooswitch, Owner’s manual, Power cable


Les Paul Overdrive
Luke Overdrive Boost
Stratocaster Clean
Stratocaster Clean Boost
Stratocaster Overdrive
Tyler Overdrive


Star-T-Rack Manual – ENG
Manuale Star-T-Rack – ITA