Maranello Black Top

Maranello Black Top is the modern evolution of one of our most famous amps.


Maranello Black Top is the result of the iconic Maranello evolution. Its CLEAN/DRIVE/OVERDRIVE configuration meets all music needs. The CLEAN channel is very dynamic, warm and clear. It’s the clean sound that distinguishes all of our products, perfect with stomp boxes and rack systems too. The DRIVE channel comes from the need to create a sound link between CLEAN and OVERDRIVE emphasizing that it’s not enough to lower the gain to obtain a good channel with half distortion and high definition. So we designed the channel which includes the features of a good clean and could reach a dynamic saturation and not extreme. The third channel, OVERDRIVE, does not need to be introduced and compared with the previous model shows a more fluid character without loss of gain and definition.

Maranello BT has been revised and retouched step by step, and deeply tested with many different guitars to give its best. The functions control is simple and direct, it will be easy for you to find your sound! Every slight change in controls involves variations in timbre and dynamic response of your instrument. The switching of the channels is manually operated by the three positions switch on the front panel with green light (Clean), yellow light (Drive) and red light (Overdrive); it is also possible to use an optional remote foot controller. The two-colored RED/GREEN light of MAIN and STANDBY is unchanged from the original model.


Additional information


15 Kg


48x48x25 cm

Technical Specification

  • All tubes signal path
  • 3 Channels: CLEAN, DRIVE and OVERDRIVE
  • Power: 20W /5W “A” Class with POWERLIMIT®, manual switch operating on the final stage reducing power to 1/4
  • Switching: manual/footswitch
  • Effects Loop: SERIAL/PARALLEL send/return with continuous control of the MIX for stomps and rack systems
  • Speaker: 12” JENSEN JCH12/50 Vintage Series (16 Ohm)
  • External Speaker: 16Ohm external cab output (DOES NOT EXCLUDE INTERNAL SPEAKER)
  • Tubes: 3 x 12AX7/ECC83 + 2 x EL84M (autobias)
  • Electronics: WIMA “Red Series” MKP capacitors, sealed relay, low noise film resistors
  • Construction: Laser cut iron/aluminium chassis and panels
  • Included: Power cable, Footswitch, Owner’s manual, Waterproof cover



Manual ITA

Manual ENG