SingleMan Combo

SingleMan is a clean single-channel amp that will enhance your pedals.


This product arises from the particular need of each guitar player to have a low power amp of great quality, easy to use, versatile and adaptable to a wide range of live or studio situations. The SingleMan is also available as a head, with different power tube configurations and power. All versions are equipped with PowerLimit®, depending on the sound pressure you prefer. SingleMan is equipped with Accutronics spring reverb and true bypass effects loop which could be completely excluded from the signal path.

The one-channel structure has allowed a straightforward amp focused on clean sound with an immediate tweaking and easy to shape to the taste of the musician, through effective controls and switches for specific functions. We’re very proud of this product, and we received excellent reviews and response from both musicians and dedicated press. SingleMan is available in custom color combination on request!

Additional information


20 Kg


46,5x50x27 cm

Technical Specification

  • All tubes signal path
  • Single Channel Preamp: VOLUME, BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, REVERB
  • Power: class A 15W (6V6) or class AB 30W (6L6) & 50W (EL34)
  • Powerlimit®: FULL, MODERATE, QUIET manual switch which operates on the final stage reducing power to 1/4 and 1/16
  • Reverb: Accutronics spring, excluded by remote switch
  • Speaker: 12” Celestion V30 (16 Ohm)
  • External Speaker: 16 Ohm for add-on speaker
  • Effects loop: send return suitable for rack/stomps, could be excluded by manual switch (true bypass)
  • Tubes: 2 x 12AX7/ECC83 + 2 x 6V6GT (autobias) or 2 x 6L6WGC/EL34 (trimmed bias)
  • Electronics: “Red Series” MKP WIMA capacitors, sealed relays, low noise film resistors
  • Construction: iron/stainless steel laser cut
  • Included: Power cable, Reverb switch, Owner’s manual, Waterproof cover




Manual ITA

Manual ENG