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Magnetic Memory


Magnetic Memory is our first analog tube-driven delay.


Magnetic Memory is the Tube Delay designed and manufactured by Brunetti in Modena, Italy. Hundreds of delay effect pedals are available on the market, each one with more or less similar characteristics. What seems to be less and less common nowadays is the research of the “harmonic” sound, intrinsically imperfect. Modern technologies use digital techniques to recreate an old analog sound. They give many possibilities, but they lack a specific “character”. Magnetic Memory combines the digital management of the delay signal, made on purpose with a vintage concept, with a completely analog tube driven signal processing. We chose a specific tube, with a military/aeronautic origin, the mini 6111: it fits extremely well in a guitar pedal, thanks to its characteristics and mechanical sturdiness and stability.

The signal enters in the effect and splits: one part goes directly in the delay section, while the other part goes into the tube buffered amplified circuit. Both signals are mixed at the end of the chain and transferred to the output. We designed the delay circuit with different tones and EQ flavors. This is the purpose of the 4 position switch: select a different color of the delayed signal! At the same time, the dry signal will be armonically enriched by the tube buffer, gaining warmth and smoothness. The TrueByp/TubeBuffer function gives the opportunity to mantain a “buffered or not” dry signal in the effects chain. The buffered signal will will strenghten the sound both for a pre-amp or effects loop use of the pedal.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

Technical Specification

  • True Bypass
  • Input impedance: >=500 KOhm
  • Output impedance: 25 KOhm
  • Max out level: 600 mV
  • CH2 switching remote jack
  • WIMA MKP capacitors, made in Germany
  • Metal-film or carbon composition resistors depending on their function
  • SH multiwiper potentiometers, aluminium wiper
  • Sealed low power golden relay
  • Current drawn: MAX 30 mA




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