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Are you looking for someone who can take care of your old amplifier or repair your audio devices? We’re here to help! During these years we had the opportunity to work on almost every possible device. We repaired amps from brands like AMPEG, BOGNER, ENGL, FENDER, MARSHALL, MESA BOOGIE, SUHR, VOX, HIWATT, ORANGE, SOLDANO, PEAVEY, MATCHLESS, CARR, TWO ROCK, DAVOLI and many others.

Here is a list of the fixings, modifies or restorations we can do:

– solid-state or tube effects loop
– additional master volume both pre or post PI driver
– different final tubes
– changing the output transformer with our Brunetti Magnetics
– additional FET or tube gain stages
– POWERLIMIT to decrease power to 1 Watt
– Change and modify tone controls
– Changes for smoother sounds
– Solid-state or tube reverb
– Custom switching systems
– Voltage conversion from 115 V to 230 V and vice-versa
– Total electronic and aesthetic restoration of vintage amps

Please write us at [email protected] for further information!