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Mercury…liquid metal…elegant and evasive… These are the words to describe the character of this amp, able to gives big emotions… for those people not easy to tame. The tones are fluid and present, like the water around you… It’s difficult to describe the feeling playing Mercury.

Available in Head configuration.



  • All tubes signal path
  • Power: 50W or 100W
  • 2 Channels completely separated
  • BOOST: on CH2, add gain
  • MORE VOLUME: adds pure volume on both channels
  • Effects Loop: Buffered transparent structure. Serial / Parallel with adjustable Return level. True bypass
  • Switching: Manual/footswitch/remote
  • Tubes: 5 x 12AX7A / 2 x EL34 (4 x EL34 in 100W)
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Size: 640 x 270 x 230 mm
  • Included: Footswitch, Owner’s Manual, Waterproof cover, Power cable


CH1 – Stratocaster 01
CH1 – Stratocaster 02
CH1 – Stratocaster 03
CH2 – Stratocaster
CH2 – Les Paul
CH2 – SG Angus
CH2 – Tom Anderson
CH2 – Tyler Landau


Mercury EL34 (Head) Manual – ENG
Manuale Mercury EL34 (Head) – ITA