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Marco Brunetti

Marco Brunetti was born in 1960 in Turin, Italy. He discovered his passion for electronics at the age of 14 and after a year of self-studied apprenticeship, he built his first amplifier by modifying an old Philco turntable with remarkable results. At 21 his ever growing passion forced him to leave university to follow his definitive profession… his destiny!

For the following nine years he found himself working in every major Italian recording studios as maintenance engineer as well as a tech engineer on tours for major Italian artists like Vasco Rossi, Zucchero, De Gregori, Raf, Antonacci and Gino Paoli just to name a few. He also took over the sound maintenance engineering on such big events like Zucchero’s “Live at Kremlin” or Vasco Rossi’s “Rock sotto l’assedio”, making sure the sound was a good as the artist reputation implied, and introducing new techniques in mixing, innovative at that time for the Italian background.

Turning 30, he decided to put his know-how and his unrivaled passion for tubes into practice. He moved to Modena and created some musical pro-audio equipment such as equalizers, microphonic preamps, compressors and many live systems. Later on, with the support of guitar-playing friends (Massimo Varini, Chicco Gussoni, and Gabriele Leonardi) he designed his first unit dedicated to the guitar: the MILLE preamp.

The MILLE was so successful that Marco decides to enlarge his little production. His big creative ideas and his research greatly increased his knowledge, leading to such unique sound designs such as the Valvemix (found on the PIRATA) and the 059’s exclusive low/high bi-amplification system. During last years he focused on research the perfect balance between quality, innovation, and costs, to bring new and fine-tuned products for the guitarists. The results of his studies are the no-compromise CustomWork series of amplifiers and the great successful SingleMan combo and head.

What Brunetti represents in the world of guitar amplification is its own and unique “Italian” sound, no-copy, no-clone. Pure tube sound, elegant design, user-friendliness and incredible tonal flexibility are trademarks that make Brunetti Amps recognizable and iconic around the world.