CW 212 Cab

The CW 212 has been designed to enhance the color and quality of your amp.


The structure of the cabinet, together with the type of speakers, is extremely important to reach the final sound. The CW 212 has been designed with special characteristics and specifications in order to provide a greater amount of sound information, therefore enhancing the color and the quality of the CustomWork amplifiers series. We have used one of the most sturdy and compact woods currently available, plywood birch. The thickness may vary according to requirements.

The entire box is extremely sturdy and stable and it has been designed to have the best quality. It is possible to match the cabinet with other amplifiers by improving performance. The cabinet was born with Celestion V30 speakers but, under request, we can fit every Celestion, WGS or Jensen model. All the CW 212 CustomWork parts are made (speakers excluded) and totally assembled in Italy.

Additional information


25 Kg


76,5x47x35,5 cm

Technical Specification

  • Speakers: 2×12″ Celestion V30 – 120 W mono / stereo – 2×12″ Celestion Green Back – 50W mono (on request) – 2×12″ Celestion G12H – 60W mono (on request)


Manual ITA

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