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The cliché wants that good sound quality of a guitar rig is proportional to its size. Metropolitan transform this idea by supplying a sound worthy of all head/cab rigs with its 8 Kg in 33 x 25 x 37 cm! The heart of the structure is a custom 8” speaker set in a tuned birch cab intentionally resonant. Metropolitan adds its EL84 10W well articulated on a range of soft and balanced frequencies. The channels are so versatile that you won’t think to deal with a compact amplifier. You can really feel and touch on your strings the creamy and fluid tones. The clean channel, with his WARM/SHINE control doesn’t fear dynamics in spite of power, and the drive channel, with his TEXTURE & AIR controls, will give you unlimited excitement! The equalization control of this channel is totally new, never experimented by us and by other manufacturers. A very useful and important feature is the headphone/recording output that enables you to disconnect the speaker and play in complete silence. Metropolitan is equipped with a high quality circuit to emulate a cabinet inclusive of a 1W amp. It’s now possible to play at home without disturbing anyone else and without loss of sound quality. The Metropolitan circuit introduces a great innovation, reducing size and weight and assuring absolute quality. In other words, thanks to all its merits Metropolitan cross the frontier of the small size sure of succeeding!



  • Dual Channel Preamp:
    • Clean: VOLUME & TONE controls
    • Drive: GAIN, TEXTURE, AIR & VOLUME controls
  • Switching: manual/remote
  • Speaker ON/OFF manual switch
  • Power Amp: 10W (with EL84 tubes) AB class
  • Automatic POWERLIMIT®
  • Speaker: 8″ Jensen Custom Brunetti
  • External Speaker: rear output 8/16 Ohm for added speaker
  • Recording/Headphones out: SPEAKER EMULATOR with INTERNAL DUMMY LOAD
  • Tubes: 1 x 12AX7/ECC83 + 2 x EL84
  • Construction: Chassis & panels in laser-cut iron/steel INOX
  • Electronic: WIMA “Red Series” MKP condensers, sealed relays, low noise film resistors
  • Weight: 8,5 Kg
  • Size: 330 x 370 x 250 mm
  • Included: Power cable, Footswitch, Owner’s manual, Waterproof cover


Angus Style
Hendrix Style
Modern Metal
Santana Style
Stones Style


Metropolitan Manual – ENG
Manuale Metropolitan – ITA