Metropolitan gives you a great tone and many useful features in an extra-small size.


The cliché wants that good sound quality of a guitar rig is proportional to its size. Metropolitan transform this idea by supplying a sound worthy of all head/cab rigs with its 8 Kg in 33x37x25 cm! The heart of the structure is a custom 8” speaker set in a tuned birch cab intentionally resonant. Metropolitan adds its EL84 10W well articulated on a range of soft and balanced frequencies. The channels are so versatile that you won’t think to deal with a compact amplifier. You can really feel and touch on your strings the creamy and fluid tones. The clean channel, with its WARM/SHINE control, doesn’t fear dynamics in spite of power, and the drive channel, with his TEXTURE & AIR controls, will give you unlimited excitement! The equalization control of this channel is totally new, never experimented by us and by other manufacturers.

A very useful and important feature is the headphone/recording output that enables you to disconnect the speaker and play in complete silence. Metropolitan is equipped with a high-quality circuit to emulate a cabinet inclusive of a 1W amp. It’s now possible to play at home without disturbing anyone else and without loss of sound quality. The Metropolitan circuit introduces a great innovation, reducing size and weight and assuring absolute quality. In other words, thanks to all its merits Metropolitan cross the frontier of the small size sure of succeeding!


Additional information


8,5 Kg


33x37x25 cm

Technical Specification

  • All tubes signal path
  • Dual channel preamp
  • Clean VOLUME & TONE controls
  • Drive: GAIN, TEXTURE, AIR & VOLUME controls
  • Power: 10W (with EL84 tubes) AB class, Automatic POWERLIMIT®
  • Switching: manual/remote
  • Speaker: 8″ Jensen Custom Brunetti with ON/OFF manual switch
  • External Speaker: rear output 8/16 Ohm for added speaker
  • Recording/Headphones Out: speaker emulator with internal dummy load
  • Tubes: 1 x 12AX7/ECC83 + 2 x EL84
  • Electronics: WIMA “Red Series” MKP condensers, sealed relays, low noise film resistors
  • Construction: Chassis & panels in laser-cut iron/steel INOX
  • Included: Power cable, Footswitch, Owner’s manual, Waterproof cover




Manual ITA

Manual ENG